Gwydir Shire a centre for adventure?

November 11, 2016

Ideas from the first stage of the Wider Gwydir Vision process show that our shire has the makings of a world famous adventure centre.  The ideas were suggested at the recent pop-up shopfront in Bingara.

Motor Bikes:
Do you know that North Star already has a huge annual trail bike rally that attracted almost 1500 riders this year; Upper Horton has an annual trail bike rally which pulls in hundreds of competitors from across eastern Australia, and Bike Territory at Rocky Creek has a very successful cross country bike business? Have you seen the many motor bike visitors to our towns who enjoy our scenic roads, and our hospitality?

Horse sports:
Bingara, Warialda, Upper Horton, North Star and Gravesend all host a wide range of successful horse events and sports. How can we make them even better?

Mountain Bike Riding:
Young riders (with Bingara Primary students leading the charge) are enthusiastic for a mountain bike course and many of visitors point to our terrain being ideal for interest and challenge.  Already five possible courses have been suggested, which are relatively easy to create. All sorts of on and off-road cycling offer more exciting opportunities.

On the water:
The Gwydir River has huge potential for our adventure playground; fishing is an established part of what we have on offer, beach volley ball is a great idea and what better way to end a long day than relaxing beside the water?

The Wellness Centre of the North West:
Fun runs, abseiling, The Bingara Buster Body and Soul Festival. The more challenging the better, and we have the terrain to do it.

Communing with nature:
Already many people come here for bird watching, but with 10 “pocket” National Parks within our Shire and plenty of experts around, tours can be arranged and access extended. Our complex geology and range of landforms makes for incredible biodiversity.

More sports:
Golf (the potential for a “hero” hole), every town and village has tennis courts, and we are fortunate to have gyms and skills like yoga instruction on offer.

These are just a few ideas. We are sure you can expand on them. What do they have in common?

  • They engage our youth and they have the potential to bring thousands more visitors of all ages to our region
  • They offer a range of business and employment possibilities
  • They build on our natural advantages
  • They sit together with the emerging themes of health and wellness.

It has taken a little while, but the ideas generated so far by our community are coming together. Warialda is conducting its own shopfront and ideas café – open this Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning – all are welcome.

Ideas will build upon ideas, and develop into strategies which the Wider Gwydir Vision can implement. Coordinated marketing is one of those strategies.