Gwydir Shire gets a travelling Street Library

October 2, 2019

You may have noticed a green miniature home, originally located at the Bingara Library but now travelling throughout the Gwydir Shire. This home is part of the initiative happening across the state as part of the Street Library movement.

Bingara Street Libray

Street Libraries are a window into the mind of a community; books come and go; no-one needs to check them in or out. People can simply reach in and take what interests them; when they are finished with them, they can return them to the Street Library network, or pass them on to friends.

“Street library is a place to share books at a mobile location where the library is in a fixed location for a fortnight before it moves again; all you do is give a book, take a book,” explains Gwydir Librarian Gail Philpott.

“After this initiative began across the state, I decided the Gwydir Shire should participate.” The Street Library grew from the Seed Library concept, where people could donate seeds and take seeds to add to their vegetable garden.

“The response from the community has been excellent, very supportive of the initiative,” said Mrs Philpott. The Street Library is currently at the Bingara Preschool for one more week, before it travels to Yallaroi Hall for the Playgroup for a fortnight. Charmaine Reading, the Director of the Bingara Preschool, explained how much the children have loved the Street Library.

“They have been able to sit with their friends and educators to enjoy stories together whilst talking about the community, where the street library comes from and what other services Bingara has to offer,” said Charmaine.

“All the children and educators would wish to thank Miss Gail for choosing Bingara Preschool as the first stop of the street library and wish the Street Library all the success in the future.”

To discover where the Library currently is or where it will be travelling to next, follow it on the Street library website or on the Gwydir Library Facebook page.