Hatchery back in the breeding business

May 12, 2014

The Anglers annual general meeting was held on Sunday at the hatchery, and the office bearers and committee are as follows: President Steve Apthorpe; vice president Andy Callaway; junior vice president Danielle Riley; treasurer Donna Walton; Leanne and Brian Riley will share the secretarial duties; publicity officer Stuart Lanagan. The committee is made up of Steve Apthorpe, Andy Callaway, Brian Riley, Stuart Lanagan, Leanne Riley, Stan Fletcher, Ray Neal, Tanya Lanagan, Owen Johnson, Flo Callaway and Danielle Riley.

Congratulations to all and special mention that Steve’s election as president will be his 15th year.

We microchipped four Yellow Belly for our breeding program which will be back underway this season. Doctor Leanne Riley inserted the chips and successfully scanned them for their ID numbers.

We have had to make a few changes at the hatchery to come into line with NSW Fisheries rules and regulations. Fisheries have passed all licenses and equipment so we are back in business.

We had to enlarge the brood ponds to cater for Murray Cod when we get to them again. This has caused some problems with one pond in particular leaking, but we seem to think we have that under control.

We are also seeking a grant from Fisheries NSW to upgrade our breeding tanks and equipment.

We are all excited to be back in business again, as it has taken a while, “so here’s to good fishing”!