Having a good look at the ‘wider Gwydir’

May 27, 2016

“We can either be history takers or history makers” said V2020 member Garry McDouall when asked why we need to have a panel discussion about wider Gwydir in 2030.

“Do you remember how American travel-writer Bill Bryson described Bingara as ‘a hot and listless village with a dozing main street…… an old and improbably large movie house still announced itself as the Roxy, but clearly had been shut for years’….

We have moved from that to being listed among the top 50 suburbs in Australia for house values in 2015. This has happened because of the energy and commitment of local residents working with each other and with council to make Bingara a better place to live.”

IGA owner and V2020 president John Bishton continued; “As a business owner I can see the importance of having a vision; things like the Roxy and The Living Classroom that are driven by the community bring visitors to the town and influence new residents as well.

Being a nice place to live is one thing, but people need plenty to do, and we have to keep the pressure up to make sure that we build on achievements and create new milestones.”

“The ‘Wider Gwydir’ concept is pretty important as well. Like it or not the pen-pushers in Sydney and Canberra see the Gwydir shire as a unit, and we rise or fall together.

We are delighted to welcome Bernadette Allport from North Star to represent the ‘Journey North’ at our meeting.”

The Vision 2020 AGM and panel discussion will be held at the Roxy on Thursday June 2, starting at 6pm.

Panellists will be North Star resident, CWA champion and community activist Bernadette Allport; Tanya Heaton, fresh from her triumph in Blithe Spirit at the Roxy, Chrissy Smyth, who has contributed to Bingara’s rise in the real estate rankings, and in strictly alphabetical order, Meaghan Stamer who has come to Bingara as a small business owner and a parent.

Meaghan says that the decision to move to Bingara was influenced by reading the vision and learning about The Living Classroom. They are all dynamic, articulate, full of ideas and have the energy to make things happen!

AGM business will be followed by the panel discussion and light supper. Potential republic presidents please RSVP to Garry McDouall 0428 834 281, John Bishton 0418 283 127, or Philippa Morris 02 6729 7213.