Hay-lelujah for Bangalow

September 7, 2018

The second run of donated items from Bangalow Adopts Bingara made their way to the Bingara Showgrounds on Sunday. A total of 84 round bales of grass hay and four 44-gallon drums of molasses was delivered, which saw 15 rural rate payers lucky enough to receive assistance.

Bangalow delivers Hay to Bingara“I was contacted by the Bangalow organisers and asked to name worthy recipients for the donated goods”, said local JA McGregor Livestock and Property stock and station agent, Damien Crump.  When it comes to the crunch though, everybody is doing it tough. I also didn’t want to be seen as playing favourites, so the Bingara committee decided the fairest way was to run a ballot,” he said.

Fellow committee members Catherine Egan, Ann Reardon and Suzy Webber ran a ballot of the 432 rural rate payers of Bingara. “Once a rate payer has been pulled out, they can’t receive on any subsequent runs,” committee member Catherine Egan added.

“The Bangalow committee specifically asked that the goods be donated to Bingara ratepayers, and the committee have ensured their wishes are carried out”, she said. A big thanks must go to Rob Coombes and Noel Watts for donating their time and tractor skills to unload the hay at the showground. There are plans for more hay runs within the next few weeks, so rural Bingara ratepayers, keep your phones handy. Your name might be the next one drawn!

Bingara rural residents are also reminded that there are some grocery hampers still available at the Bingara Civic Centre. Mrs Egan and her team have been to visit many land holders with donated groceries. “A very big thank you to all donators including Brett Thomas from Brett’s Furniture Removals for the kind donations of fresh vegetables and eggs” Suzie Webber said. If you are in need of assistance with filling in application forms for drought relief, call the Bingara Neighbourhood Centre on 67242071 for a confidential discussion.

Part of our convoy leaving Inverell for Bingara ❤️ Excited to meet Bingara residents soon! Jo and Lisa x

Posted by Bangalow Adopts Bingara on Saturday, 18 August 2018