Help at hand for a ‘sick house’

October 2, 2014

Local woman, Tanya Heaton will be sharing her top tips for healthy homes at two workshops at the upcoming Quirky Creative and Wellness Festival. Workshop.

People who suffer from headaches, hayfever, insomnia, recurrent colds or fatigue, wake up tired could be living in a house which actually makes them sick, building biologist, Tanya Heaton says.

Originating in Germany, Building Biology is the science of investigating health hazards that exist in indoor environments. It also involves assisting in creating buildings that complement the natural environment and encourage optimum human health. Tanya has recently started her own healthy home consultancy business called “Canary in the Room”.

Just like the canary was used in identifying the presence of toxins down coal mines, Tanya will help to identify hidden health hazards in your house.

A variety of audits and consultancy services are available to assess and help address air quality, water contaminants and storage, electromagnetic fields (from high-voltage transmission lines, power lines, substations, meter boxes and electrical appliances), electromagnetic radiation (from mobile phone towers, smart meters and wireless technologies), cleaning products, personal care items, allergens and geopathic stress.

Pre-lease/pre-purchase house audits and preparing for pre-baby, nursery audits are also available. Bookings for the workshop are available at or by contacting the Bingara Tourist Information Centre on 6724 0066.