How to steal a dagger

October 23, 2015

North West Theatre Company has a treat in store for members, guests and visitors on Sunday with arguably the world’s best heist movie ever made – the 1964 classic “Topkapi”. Maybe only films such as the original productions of “The Italian Job” with Michael Caine at the zenith of his career, and “Oceans Eleven” with the famous Hollywood “rat pack” could possibly compare.

“Topkapi” was adapted from a novel by famous crime writer Eric Ambler called “The Light of Day”. It is set in Istanbul, and centred on the world’s oldest standing palace, the Topkapi Palace. Anyone who has visited Istanbul – surely one of the world’s most amazing cities – would certainly have been there for a visit, and to behold the Treasury building housing treasures beyond one’s imagination.

The comedy tells the story of a bunch of crooks – some master criminals and some bungling amateurs – and their plot to steal the priceless Topkapi Dagger from the Palace in Istanbul. What a joy it is to see Ustinov and Morley at the peak of their acting careers! Sir Peter Ustinov was an actor, writer and filmmaker who won numerous awards over his life, including two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor (one of these was for “Topkapi”), and was the recipient of government honours from the UK, France and Germany. Robert Morley CBE made about 70 films between 1938 and 1994, following a career on the stage which started in 1928 on London’s West End.

“Topkapi” is rated G for the whole family, and runs for 120 minutes. It is very funny. And it really is part of cinema history.

It is a great time to join the Film Club. For only $12 you will get to see “Topkapi” on Sunday, next month’s film “The Artist” , which won the Oscar for Best Picture, and the President’s Pick surprise screening on 6th December. Your membership can be arranged easily at Sunday’s screening at 4pm at the Roxy.

See you at the movies!