Imagine Bingara 2013 Brochure now available.

February 11, 2013

Bingara and District Vision 2020 is delighted that the latest Imagine Bingara brochure has arrived and is ready for distribution. After many months of planning, design and review, the tens of thousands of the Imagine Bingara brochure will now be distributed to Visitor Information Centres across the state.

“It is especially gratifying to think that this brochure has been produced locally and fully paid for by local advertisers,” said the Publicity Officer for Vision 2020, Rick Hutton. “Those advertisers will shortly receive a quantity of Imagine Bingara to use in their businesses or to distribute where they wish,” he said.

Imagine Bingara BrochureThis production of Imagine Bingara focuses on the broad range of sights, events and attractions that have made Bingara and its District a very exciting visitor destination.

“There are three maps, many lovely photos and the basic background information needed to inform and excite the visitor as well as our Gwydir locals,” Rick said.

[Left: Vision 2020 Committee Member and Bingara Visitor Information Centre volunteer Jill Herring, is seen standing next to the display stand at the Bingara VIC with the front and back pages of the brochure on view.]

A special page features the future for Bingara. “I have collected and reviewed dozens of tourist and visitor brochures from all over NSW and Queensland during the production of Imagine Bingara,” Rick said, “but very few, if any, focus on their futures.”

The Imagine Bingara brochure will also be used as part of a promotional and educational package being put together by Gwydir Shire Council to advertise The Living Classroom and the Bingara District as a study area for students from Infants to University, across the state and beyond.

“The Vision 2020 Committee, would like to acknowledge the special support of Gwydir Shire Council in the production of Imagine Bingara,” Rick Hutton said, “In particular the amazing talents in graphics and design work by Louise Campbell.”

As well as being available at the Bingara and Warialda Visitor Information Centres, Gwydir Shire residents should expect to see some Imagine Bingara brochures at the front desk of our generous supporting businesses and organisations.

Submitted by – Rick Hutton – Publicity Officer, Bingara and District Vision 2020.

Read the Imagine Brochure online.