Inspiring boxing film for final Film Club screening for 2011

December 13, 2011

The North West Theatre Company Film Club concludes its 2011 season on Sunday at 4pm with one of the highlights of the first six months – “Cinderella Man”, the true story of former world middleweight champion James J. Braddock.

In what must surely be one of the most inspiring sports films ever screened, “Cinderella Man” tells the story of a boxer forced to retire with a broken hand who endures great hard-ship supporting his family through the great American depression until given one final chance to revive a career which was virtually finished. The rest is history, and represents one of the greatest sporting come-backs of all time.

“Cinderella Man” was made in 2005, and produced and directed by Ron Howard.  It stars Russell Crowe and Renee Zellwegger, with Paul Giamatti in a strong supporting role as Braddock’s lifetime friend and manager.  The 144 minute film cost 88 million dollars to make.

While the fight scenes are necessarily realistic, the filming of the great depression must surely represent one of the best depictions of these times ever filmed– but the film is anything but depressing, as Braddock battles to find ways to keep his family fed and to pay the gas bill during a bitterly cold north American winter.  The story of his inspirational comeback is historically correct in every detail, and one of the most stirring and heart warming sporting stories of all time.

Although set in New York, the film was actually shot in Toronto, Canada.  It was also nominated for several Academy Awards.

The Film Club welcomes anyone who would like to attend “Cinderella Man” – temporary membership is available for the day, and can easily be organized at the Roxy prior to screening at 4pm.  Supper following the movie is included.