Interest in Bingara continues to grow

November 27, 2007

Two sources of information indicate that Bingara is increasing its awareness within the region, the nation and the world.

The visits to the Bingara Website,, have continued to grow each month since it commenced in May of this year. The site is averaging about 1200 visits per week in November, an increase of 100% since July. Information downloaded from the site averages 60 per week, a trebling of the July figure.

The Bingara Website “visitor” averages 5 minutes per visit and views an average of four web-site pages. And the visitors are from all over the world. In just a couple of days sampled in mid November, about half of the visitors were from within Australia. Of the rest 96 were from the USA, 18 from Russia, and several from each of the UK, Holland, Ireland, Finland and Spain.

Demographic figures gained from the Bingara Tourist Office through to the end of August suggest that the visitors are not just virtual ones. Two thousand five hundred and seventeen visitors called into the Tourist Information Centre between January 1 and August 31. A further 617 made inquiries by Fax, Phone, email or mail.

The combination of the Keep Australia Beautiful – Tidy Towns Category Award for Most Friendly Town 2007, and the Motor-home and Campervan Convention coming in October 2008, should continue to lift the level of actual and virtual visitors to Bingara.

Submitted by – Rick Hutton – Secretary Ph: 0428 255 380.