International Nurses Day 2013

May 15, 2013

Health Service Manager (RN)
Bingara MPS
May 12 is recognised as International Nurses Day around the world and was celebrated here in Bingara by the staff at the MPS.  The year just passed has provided the staff with many challenges and many highlights. The team has developed with the addition of many new faces and the forging of a strong relationship with the staff at the Bingara Medical Centre.

Judy Abra received well earned recognition for her 50 years in Nursing and celebrated a nursing reunion to remember here in Bingara.

Bingara was successful in achieving Reaccreditation from the Australian Council of Health Care Standards for four years and has recently passed Numerical Profile, an auditing process which focuses on the Work, Health and Safety of the Workplace.

International nurses day is ‘everyone’s day’, the nursing team could not provide the wonderful care that they do without the support of the Administration team, Carly Lott and Renae Kilmore.

Vicki Wilson heads up the Support Services and I am sure that those who visit the hospital can agree that the place is immaculate. This has been evident in recent cleaning and food audits where the highest scores in the area were achieved.

I am extremely proud of the team, and constantly receive positive feedback from clients and families.

The Community Health Team of Megan Latham, Tiffany Galvin and Debbie Armstrong provide a friendly and caring service in the homes of many Bingara residents and work with Allied Health Staff member Suzie Bilsborough to provide many health promotion programs.

Johnette Walker, Diversional Therapist, but also Endorsed Enrolled Nurse is out and about, ensuring that the residents of the facility are provided with wonderful activities within the facility and out in the community. Johnette is ably assisted by her wonderful volunteers.

The Emergency, Inpatient and Resident Nursing Services consist of the following team members:

Registered Nurses/Advanced Nurse Clinicians
Elizabeth Adams, Elizabeth Kakoschke, Angelina Plumbe, Sharon Price, Kate Picone, Judi Abra, Agency Nurse Peta Alford and Post Graduate Registered Nurse Andrew Johns.

Andrew graduated from the University of New England in April this year and has been a real asset to the team. He brings with him, life experience, a wonderful sense of humour, a passion for achieving and a real willingness to learn.

Andrew joined the team late last year following a practical placement here in his final year of study. Andrew was challenged by the environment and the wonderful opportunities for learning. After careful consideration he requested a Post Graduate Placement here in 2013 and has not looked back.

Endorsed Enrolled Nurses and Enrolled Nurses
Selena Mahoney, Tricia Porter, Anne-Marie Fletcher, Di O’Brien, Eryn Nattrass, Betty Parsons, Megan Latham, Tiffany Galvin, Penny Turner, and Jacqui McIntyre.
The EEN/ EN team ensure that the RN’s are well supported and most have achieved qualifications in Emergency Nursing.

Assistants in Nursing
Robyn Guyer, Jodi Cooper, Donna Kelly and David Meek.

Assistants in Nursing are a relatively new addition to the team, with their key focus on Aged Care and ensuring a home like environment for the Aged Care Residents.  Bingara Community is very fortunate to have a health service of such high quality.

The nursing staff are committed and this is very evident through the thankyou board that sits proudly in our foyer. We thank the community who take the time to provide us with their appreciation.

May I share a portion of an email that I received recently from the NSW Air Ambulance Flight Nurse Katrina MASTELL.

‘……I wish to pass on my thanks to the wonderful staff ……It was at the end of a very long night shift for myself…. however the support from your wonderful staff on our arrival there, made a very difficult situation a little easier. ……All the staff were very hands on, helpful and it was reassuring for myself to be supported by such a great team.’

Happy International Nurses day to all Nurses Past and Present and Future.

The names of the patients whose lives we save can never be known
Our contribution will be what did not happen to them
And, although they are unknown, we will know that
Mothers and fathers are at graduations and weddings they would have missed
And that grandchildren will know grandparents they might never have known
And holidays will be taken,
And work completed,
And Books Read,
And symphonies heard,
And gardens tended
Without our work
Would never have been.
Don M. Berwick