“FAUNAVERSE” to be launched at The Living Classroom

October 17, 2016

Are you and your family and friends interested in our Australian animals? Do you get excited seeing birds and lizards, frogs and insects in their natural habitats? Would you like to enjoy a morning stroll with expert information and then relax to hear some beautiful poetry telling the tales of our wonderful wildlife?

Then pencil into your diary; 9:30am, Saturday November 5 at The Living Classroom, Bingara. Come and enjoy a few hours with zoologist and wildlife guides Alex Dudley and Jane Sullivan as they conduct a leisurely stroll about The Living Classroom followed by the launch of their new book of pictures and poetry, “FAUNAVERSE”.

Alex’s background in the field of zoology and interpretation is extensive; he has worked as a zoologist around Australia since 1991, including the Kimberley, the Top End, the Gulf of Carpentaria and in central Australia.

“I have recently been involved in training indigenous rangers in wildlife survey techniques, in central Australia” said Alex, “and I’ve worked throughout northern and western NSW on fauna surveys, and in Tasmania”.

In all of these places Alex has got to know and photograph the landscape, the people and the animals that live there.

“I’ve worked as a commercial guide in the Top End and in Tasmania, where I have taken students around the State interpreting wildlife and ecology; I have worked as an Interpretation Ranger running guided activities in Tasmania (22 summers), Kakadu (seven dry seasons) and Victoria (1 summer); and in this capacity I have run guided walks, talks, slide shows, spotlight evenings, and worked with a huge variety of clientele.”

Alex is one of the most experienced interpretation rangers in Australia. His interpretive experience, augmented by considerable experience with fauna surveys and an interest in ecology, has given him a knowledge base that he can draw upon to create poetry that describes accurately the characters of the animals he writes about.

Alex’s partner Jane Sullivan was very much the motivator for FAUNAVERSE. “Jane is new to the field of ecology and interpretation,” Alex said, “but her ‘new eyes’ have given her an enthusiasm and passion for ecology that is inspirational and has fuelled her creative desire to share her new-found passion for wildlife with others.”

That is how “FAUNAVERSE” came about, as a team effort, and the book is being officially launched at The Living Classroom on Saturday November 5. The invitation is to one and all. People of all ages are most welcome. Bring the kids along too as Alex, demonstrates his affinity with wildlife and then reads his wonderful poems.

Copies of “FAUNAVERSE” can be purchased after the walking tour and Jane and Alex will autograph your copy while you enjoy a cup of tea. It will make a fabulous gift for friends and relations especially with Christmas coming closer. The beautiful pictures and poems make “FAUNAVERSE” a great book to add to your collection, and for just $19.95 it’s fantastic value.

Here is a sample of the poetry, just to get you into the right mood, and a picture of Alex with one of his little mates, and another of his partner Jane, with a close associate;


Perhaps you’re a teacher, a parent, a guide,

with an interest in things that are living outside;

If you’re curious then why not take a look,

at the creatures described in this poetry book?

There’s Planigales, snakes, and even a spider,

and a lizard that likes other lizards inside her.

There’s Devils Tasmanian and Thorny too,

and some creatures that spread useful stuff in their poo.

There’s something for everyone between the pages,

and reading each poem will not take you ages.

You will learn and you’ll laugh and can even explore,

as there’s links in the back if you want to know more;

If you’re looking for a fun teaching resource,

have a look at this book- then you’ll want it, of course.