It’s a big world for Kate

March 5, 2014

Former Bingara Central School student (and Bingara Advocate Paper- girl) Kate Kakoschke flew out on February 27 to commence six months of study at Universidad Adolfo Ibanez at Vina Del Mar, Chile.

Katie Kakoschke[Photo:  Kate Kakoschke is making international travel part of her studies.]

Kate was a student in Bingara from Preschool until Year 9 and completed Year 12 at Wellington Point Queensland.


She is in her second year at QUT Brisbane and is studying for a Bachelor of Creative Industries with two majors; Music, which includes Sound Engineering and Sound Technology and Entertainment, which includes Business, Legal and Marketing Studies and covers units such as Events Management.

Kate has worked part time as well as studying at QUT. She was successful in gaining a scholarship to study overseas for six months. While in Chile Kate will be studying Business, Marketing and Spanish and is also hoping to explore iconic locations of South America including Easter Island, Machu Pichu in Peru and Argentina.

She will be the first Australian QUT student to study at the Universidad Adolfo Ibanez campus. The following is an extract of Kate’s first message back to Australia.

“Arrived safe and sound. The country is so incredibly beautiful it’s like a dream. Flying over the Andes should be on everyone’s to do list at some point……..amazing!!

“Then exploring Santiago a tiny bit. It is basically this huge capital city smack in the middle of a desert. Loads of kids playing soccer in the streets with no shoes and big smiles. Almost two-hour bus ride to Vina, in which the desert terrain slowly turned greener and greener as we got closer to the shore. And now here I am in Vina Del Mar, basically like the Gold Coast but with cuter little Latin American style painted houses, gardens and completely surrounded by mountain range. The hostel I am staying at is full of Australians haha excellent!!”

Kate’s message for students is to study hard and stay at school. “You never know what opportunities may come your way!”