John Wearne Elected NWTC President

January 31, 2009

At their Annual General Meeting on January 21, the members of the North West Theatre Company elected John Wearne as President for 2009.

John congratulated outgoing President, Rick Hutton for his work from the start of the Company six years ago. Vice President elect, Martin Hansford, endorsed John’s sentiments saying that Rick had provided the backbone of the Company from its inception.

Martin Hansford and Secretary, Ros Moulton continue in the positions they have held since the start of the NWTC. Also re-elected to the Committee were Susan Hutton (Treasurer) and Frances Young (Committee Member). Rick Hutton was elected to the position of Publicity Officer. Two new committee members, are Sally Olive and Glenda Wright.

In his final President’s Report, Rick Hutton paid tribute to the work of the committees over the years, and to the support of the broad regional audience that the NWTC has attracted.

“That the NWTC is still active, still attracting new members, still engaging good audiences and still upholding a fine reputation, is a credit to us all, and to the support of our wider, theatre loving community.” Rick said.

Incoming President, John Wearne, set to work immediately to get the NWTC 2009 program underway. A General Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 4, for 6:30pm at the Imperial Hotel, to plan for the year.

“I welcome all interested people to attend,” said John. “I have some fresh ideas for the NWTC, and I will lead by consensus, and welcome any ideas from the theatre company members and the general community.” He added.

Submitted by Rick Hutton – Publicity Officer Ph: 0428 255 380