Keeping you – and those around you – healthy and happy

April 18, 2018

Wellness is something we all aspire to have. When you are healthy you are most likely to be happy and that means you can deal with life with confidence and pleasure… and happiness is infectious, when you are happy those that you love and care for can share a healthier life with you.

Graeme SaitMaintaining health and happiness should then be a desire for us all. If you are responsible for the health and happiness of others, like children or aging relatives, that responsibility extends to a duty of care. Knowing more about the food we eat and the lifestyles we choose can be a challenge, but also a rewarding discovery.

On Tuesday, May 8, renowned author and educator Graeme Sait will be back in Bingara, at the Roxy Theatre, and his message is ‘Keeping You Happy & Healthy!’. Graeme will make his presentation at 7pm on that day. He will be in Bingara for five days, during which he will present his acclaimed four day accreditation ‘Certificate in Nutrition Farming’.

Graeme will present the Nutrition Farming Course in conjunction with the inspirational Joel Williams. Joel is an independent plant and soil health educator and consultant; a healthy soils advocate and presenter on soil biology, plant nutrition and integrated approaches of sustainable farming. Joel has a passion for teaching and sharing both scientific and practical knowledge on soil health and agroecology.

Both events; the ‘Keeping You Happy & Healthy’ evening presentation, and the ‘Certificate in Nutrition Farming’ are being supported by Northern Slopes Landcare Association and The Gwydir Learning Region.

May 8, 2018
Graeme’s presentation will begin at 7:00pm on May 8. For your own sake and for that of your family you should come along. The cost is $10 from your wallet and two hours of your time. Is that a reasonable investment for health and happiness?


May 7 to 10, 2018
The Certificate in Nutrition Farming will provide great insight into soil health, plant health, gardening, farming and regeneration. The investment of $350 in the four days includes smoko’s and lunches and all the written materials.


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