Kevin and Robin busy in retirement

April 17, 2008

The St. John’s Anglican congregation thanked Reverend Kevin Hansen and his wife Robin at a luncheon at the Wiseman-Crowley Hall on Sunday, following Kevin’s last Service as Vicar at Bingara.  Kevin has retired after 35 years as the vicar at Bingara.

He described the last service and the luncheon “very moving”. “A number of people came back after the service, and others came from other services.” About 20 years ago, the Hansen family almost moved to Quirindi. “The kids (Peter and Sarah) didn’t want to go and arranged to stay with other people and said they would visit us at Christmas! “Robin wasn’t keen on moving either. God turned that around and we stayed. I was pleased, because this is a good community,” Kevin said.

The Hansens started the Gwydir Art Show, which has grown to become a fixture on the Bingara calendar.

Kevin is the President of Touriandi Inc. board, and of the Bingara Cancer Council. He is also Vice President of Senior Citizens, all of which will keep Kevin and Robin very busy. “Those things all provide the opportunity to make a constructive contribution, and continue our work and just be ordinary parishioners in the Anglican congregation,” Kevin said. “You have to make a contribution to any community you are in, and we will continue to do that,” he said.

Kevin and Robin are very busy moving into their new house in Riddell Street. “We have a mountain of work to do in the next month, we won’t know (what retirement is like) until the end of May,” he said.

This Sunday, when they go to church at St. John’s Bingara, Kevin and Robin Hansen will be ordinary parishioners.

Reverend Chuck Shave, the Chaplain at Tamworth Base Hospital, will take the service at St. Johns and at Upper Horton.

Compliments of The Bingara Advocate