Kickstart weekend at Bike Territory

March 14, 2011

Two weeks ago Bike Territory hosted a weekend of training for kids interested and keen to get into the sport of motocross.

‘Motorcycle Australia’ accredited coach, Guy Turner  along with the help of his son, local boy Dean Turner, ran the weekend with a five hour training day on the  Saturday and a ‘Kick Start’ on the Sunday giving  young riders from as far as Walgett a chance to improve their skills.

“The day went very well, everyone was very happy,” Guy said.

“They all wanted to learn, all listened and I was wrapped in what they learnt so quickly”.

Part of the weekend entailed basic training steps to enable the riders to improve their confidence in riding and by the end of the weekend all riders had enjoyed themselves whilst also been able to gain some great new skills.

With the age of riders ranging from five to 15, the diversity of skills provided an interesting mixture of riders for the weekend.

Whilst it was a mainly male dominated weekend, females are also very welcome and encouraged to ride.

“Females interested in motorcycle riding shouldn’t hesitate to come along, they are very welcome and encouraged to get involved,” said Guy.

A five hour training day every year is compulsory for any licensed rider up until the age of 16 when they then become a senior rider. While there is a small fee for a five hour, a ‘Kick Start’ is free of charge and anyone under the age of 16 is welcome.

“It’s a free service, so come along and get a taste of motorcycle sports, everyone is welcome here at bike territory,” said Guy.

Bike Territory at Castletop on the Narrabri Road, is owned by Scott and Regina Michell, and is a fully licensed bike park, where riders of all ages are welcome to come out and enjoy riding the range of bike tracks available.

From general flat riding, to motocross to endurance riding, the park caters for riders of all levels.