Kildare bids traditional auction farewell!

June 27, 2011

The Kildare South Devon and Shorthorn Sale will be held on property at "Kildare", Upper Horton on Friday, August 19 at 1pm.

As with previous years their bulls have been paddock raised and on grazing oats since early June. Owner Rick McDouall said, "This year we are trying the Helmsman method of sale as it’s less stress for all concerned; cattle, vendor and buyer".

The Brisbane EKKA will be held on August 12 and a team of four; two males and two females, will be shown.  The senior bull will be offered for sale.

Australia will host the world South Devon conference and tour this year and Rick and Sue McDouall are excited to welcome the group to their farm in November.  Rick said, "This is a great opportunity to show Australian catte to breeders from the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand."

Rick McDouall said that the both the red and black Suth Devons have been used for crossbreeding with excellent results due to the following attributes:
feed effeciency, marbling, tenderness, meat yield, temperament and fertility. 

"I know of three retired Beef Cattle Officers that breed South Devon cattle – they have seen the rest – run the Best!"

Rick added, "Don’t take our word for it, try one for yourself!"

Follow the link for further information on the Kildare South Devon & Lopast Shorthorn Sale.