Killarney Gap Road work progressing

September 2, 2008

Work is continuing at a great rate on Killarney Gap Rd, with two box cells in place where sharp dips were in the road, about 45 kilometres from Bingara.

The box cells look extremely high, however Overseer, Peter Kennedy said that this is to level out the road in the interests of safety. Passers-by commented that “perhaps the Council has heard something we haven’t about the next big wet!” but Mr Kennedy said this was not the case. There will be two crews starting work next week on the section of road between Hell Hole and Back Creek and the gravel from the property The Oaks, back towards Bingara. These sections will be sealed by the end of September.

Box cells will be placed at the Hell Hole and Back Creek which will be large enough to cater for a low level flow. High level flows will go over the structures. A bridge is planned for Caroda Creek at a later stage. Lobbying will have to take place to gain funding for three more bridges over Rocky Creek, Mr Kennedy said.