Landcare News

July 30, 2013

Upper Gwydir Landcare is happy to announce that we have been successful in securing funding for a number of projects for the coming 12 months.

Chairman Will Cannington commented that he was particularly pleased with the support from Border Rivers Gwydir CMA (BRG CMA) to the Community Support Program for UGLA. With the many changes that will be forthcoming with the introduction of the new Local Land Services, this support has secured the Community Support Officer position for a further 12 months.

UGLA has also secured funding for a further three projects funded under the BRG CMA Catchment Action Plan.

‘Gravesend Gears Up for Carp Muster’ – this project will provide support to the local fishing club to host a Carp Muster and workshop targeting water quality and soil health ‘Upper Bingara Riparian Health’ – this project will provide assistance to landholders to fence riparian areas, provide workshop training in subcatchment planning, again targeting water quality and soil health.

‘Bio Links – Connectivity across the landscape’ – this project will provide engagement opportunities for landholders to participate in this large project.

UGLA has also secured funding for a further two projects under the Community Landcare Grants program ‘Forging Leadership project’ – this project targets women in the Gwydir Catchment.

This project will engage women in the area through workshops,forums, training events and support a number of women to attend the NSW Rural Womens Gathering later in the year ‘A Toolbox for Healthy Farms- Yallaroi’– this project target soil health in the predominately farming area around Yallaroi north of Warialda. The project has on ground works and training opportunities included.

Planning is underway for all of the projects, more information will be available about each of the projects via our website, email and through our newsletter and via the local Bingara and Warialda papers. We will also conduct letter box drops, so if you find a flyer in your letterbox from Landcare– don’t throw it out – it must be important for your area – please read.

The Landcare offices is open 4 days per week, generally Tuesday to Friday, for any enquiries regarding any of the projects, phone 0267242052 or mobile 0427291073 or look us up on the web