Landcare programs to help with management

July 31, 2012

As part of Year 2 of the project, ‘Improved Management of the North West Slopes of NSW’ funded under the Commonwealth Governments Caring for our Country program, several projects are now underway.

Projects include, fencing riparian areas, planting of 3800 seedlings, soil testing across many of the project sites, perennial pasture plantings and alternative fertililser demonstration sites. The quality of submissions and the response to this project is again evidence that the interest in Natural Resource Management is very high in our area.

As part of this project UGLA will be holding a ‘compost’ field day. August 15th is the date set. Luke Bowman from “Break It Down Composting” will guide us through Humus compost production, compost tea production, hand composting for gardeners and using compost on farms. There will be no charge for the day and UGLA will be running a bus to Barraba, to book a seat phone UGLA on 02 6724 2052.

Also on the horizon is a tree planting field day. This field day will be local and feature a local landholder that has great success in revegetating previously farmed land.

UGLA recently hosted a Pest Management Workshop at Upper Horton. Pest animals covered included feral pigs, foxes and wild dogs. There was also information on pest animal group planning, the new “Pest Animal Management and Landholder Engagement” project that is being rolled out across the New England North West region and a practical hands on demonstration of trapping methods by a local professional trapper.  Information was also available about feral cats, rabbits and Indian Myna birds at the field day.

The Upper Gwydir Landcare office is generally open 4 days per week, Tuesday through to Friday.

Resources available from the office include the books “Bush Tucker, Boomerangs and Bandages”, Grasses of the BRG CMA and managing ground cover, also available are several factsheets on pest management, Dung Beetle information, weed management, growing native trees and shrubs and perennial pasture information booklets.

Staff can be contacted on: