Launch of the Bingara Soundtrails App

June 11, 2015

The Bingara Soundtrails will be officially launched at the Orange Festival on Saturday, June 27.

Soon you will be able to download the Soundtrails app onto your smart phone or iPad, see yourself on a GPS map, and walk freely in and out of sound fields; a rich weave of memories, voices, myths, and archival footage.

With original compositions, local voices, and excellent production, Soundtrails truly brings a place alive.

If you are on site, you can walk in and out of stories as you follow the map on-screen. GPS will track your location so you trigger stories at specific places.

The Soundtrails tells of Bingara’s history, in particular the Orange Trees and the experiences of living through war both at the front and at home in Bingara.

Local residents who have given their stories include Brian Hughes, Jean O’Brien, Pat Brown and Joan Bull.

Joan Bull tells of her visit to Sydney at the beginning of WWII to farewell her brother who had enlisted with the Light Horse Regiment.  She describes the spectacle of seeing the Queen Mary liner and expresses her fear of not knowing if she will see her brother again.

Beautifully produced by award-winning sound producers, the Bingara Soundtrails are a living, breathing doorway into the voices, sounds, and music of the people of Bingara.

It includes performances by local artists including Jamie Wilson. Jamie took the words of a poem found in the George Bateman journal and created an amazing song.

For more information contact Carmen Southwell at Gwydir Council on 0267 242 000, 0428 241 542 or email:

There are currently 3 Soundtrails launched.  To listen Visit:

Come to the launch of the Bingara Soundtrails App