Legacy Week

August 28, 2010

Legacy Week is August 29 – September 4.

Legacy a National Tradition, born in the trenches, that carries a deep meaning…  Keep the Promise made to a dying mate, someone would look after the missus and kids.

Bingara Contact Legacy group will be selling badges on Thursday, September 2 and Friday, September 3.  A trailer load of wood will be raffled.  Bingara Torchbearers for Legacy will hold their annual street stall on Thursday, September 2.

This small band of dedicated women have worked hard supporting Legacy for the past fifty plus years.  However, the number has decreased over the years and there are few active members left to carry on the excellent work.  Donations of cakes, scones, vegetables and other saleable items to the street stall would be greatly appreciated.

Bingara Central School will participate in this years Legacy Appeal by having students and the canteen sell badges, wristbands and pens at the school.