Leukaemia Foundation benefits from Bingara’s “brave shavers”

April 9, 2009

Bingara Central School saw two participants in the world’s greatest shave lose their locks, last Friday.

[Click Here] to view the slideshow of the brave participants shedding their locks.

Assistant Principal, John Alliston elected to go to a number 1 clipper job, as he is to be married soon. Mark McGowan went all the way with a head shave, in two sittings.

There was a pause when hairdressing apprentice, Megan Apthorpe had shaved half his hair off .The Anglers Club had said they would donate another $100 if Mark only had half his hair shaved on Friday and the rest this week. The Apthorpe family then offered to donate another $50 if Mark had half his beard shaved, (on the opposite side) and the rest shaved off this week. Being the good sport that he is, Mark agreed and will have his shave completed at 11.10am on Wednesday morning.

Donations are still coming in for these two brave shavers.

Susan Bridges and Renae Simpson were the hairdressers ready to colour the footballers blue and gold on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, they were unable to go through with the colouring due to the rain. The football jerseys would have been ruined when the colour ran!

Jane Roberts, however, was very brave, having all her hair shaved off for the cause. This radical new haircut by all accounts look fabulous. Jane raised $372 for her courage!

Darren (Spaz) Willis lost the lot – both hair and beard. He raised $660, which was a wonderful effort and the money is still coming in. Damian Galvin and Geoff Pankhurst both went for the clean shaven head, with Geoff going another step in having his back waxed as he had promised if he raised over $250.

Dr Louise Fisher is feeling very colourful after having her hair dyed by Renae Simpson the colours of the rainbow! Maria Coote, being Louise’s highest sponsor, was given the choice of colour and opted for the lot! $375 was raised by Louise. The total amount raised will be published soon.