Lions Club Youth of the Year Winner 2012, Maddy Coombes

November 20, 2012

Four great contenders for round one of the Lions Youth of the Year Quest took to the task on Saturday night with a great deal of enthusiasm and confidence in what can only be described as a hard task by all standards.

Bingara Lions Youth of the Year contestants, Ashley Frewin, Jack Walton, Shannon McGarrity and Maddy Coombes.Bingara Lions Youth of the Year contestants, Ashley Frewin, Jack Walton,
Shannon McGarrity & Maddy Coombes.

After hours of interviews and questions the contestants were asked to speak for two minutes on a subject they were given seconds before they were to speak.  All this in front of judges Kevin Hansen, Suzanne Hughes and Jan Rose, as well as parents, friends and Bingara Lions members.

All four contenders were amazing to watch as they took to the subject of who they are and where they see their futures.

Next came the speeches of their own choosing and all four spoke with great conviction on their subject.

Ashely was enthusiastic about electronics, Shannon about living in the bush and loving it while Maddy talked of horses and what they mean to her.

Jack bought his dad to tears (and many others) with his discussion on what ANZAC means to him. The contest was close and took an arduous time to deliberate but there can only be one winner and this years winner is Maddy.

All four contestants can be proud of their efforts as we are all proud of the fine young adults Bingara has in its midst. Next year we hope to have these young people back in the contest along with any others who feel they have something to say.

The Contest offers great opportunities to learn public speaking and to get a message across which can only benefit these young adults when it comes to their future employment. Well done Maddy and well done to the other contestants, you all did a wonderful job on Saturday night. The night was cut short by the hail storm but was certainly a spectacular finish for a great day.

Maddy will go into Regional finals now in Manilla in February. The prize this year is a trip to New Zealand.

Good Luck Maddy, I am sure I can say all of Bingara are behind you.