Lions seek more stories about Bingara’s exceptional health identities

February 1, 2016

The Bingara Lions is hoping for more stories from present and former residents, about two great men who served the Bingara community for many years.

Between them, Dr. Frank Hollinshead and Chemist, Bill Bullough gave almost a century of service to the Bingara community.

Lions Club President, Ian Grieve, has given the Advocate permission to print a story submitted by Geoff Pankhurst: “I remember Doc Hollingshead very well but I would like to share a story about how he saved my sister’s life with a rooster feather….

“My sister Debbie had croup when she was 18 months old and she could not clear her lungs because she was so weak.

“Doc told mum to go home and get a couple of feathers from the old rooster.

“Mum was very confused but did as he asked and by the time she came back Deb had a trachy.

“Doc got the feathers sterilized and to mum’s shock he pushed one feather down the hole to make her start coughing and surprise, surprise up came all the rubbish that was in her lungs.

“I was told that the remaining feather was still in the sterilizer until he left.

“One of a kind”.