Local girl expands souvenir business with Honey Festival collection

October 7, 2015

After the success of the Orange Festival souvenir bracelet Bingara girl, Chelsea Elton has designed and made the ‘Bee on Time’ Honey Festival collection which includes a bracelet and a badge.

The bracelet represents all the good things about Warialda and what its main attractions are.

Bee on Time collectionThe ‘Bee on Time’ collection showcases a bracelet and badge which
represent the main attractions of Warialda all designed and handmade
by 12 year old Chelsea Elton.

The charms include a bee, a bird and a striped black and yellow bead and brown beads representing Cranky Rock.

The Bee on time collection also includes a badge for the smaller children to show support for their festival.

The bracelets and badges will be available at the Honey Festival and have been on display for a few weeks at Carinda House.

“As this idea has progressed we have been asked to and have agreed to design and create a souvenir collection for the Kurrajong re-enactment march in Inverell on January 12, 2016,” Chelsea said. “This requires a substantial amount of work and I could probably say goodbye to my Christmas school holidays!

“I’d like to thank everyone for their support and it’s nice to know that my Orange Festival bracelet travelled to places like Hawaii, the UK, the USA and various places around Australia.

“This has given me the confidence to continue on my journey of a 12 year old trying to create a successful business,” Chelsea concluded.