Local river systems caught on camera

June 24, 2009

The Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA’s water and soils experts are building their knowledge of the environment surrounding the rivers and streams in our region following extensive video-mapping of these areas via helicopter.

It is very likely that you will have heard the Gyrovision helicopter, equipped with the latest digital video recording technology, making its way around the Inverell, Warialda, Bingara, Bellata and Gurley waterways.

The Aerial Video Mapping project will provide a baseline dataset, giving a panoramic and three-dimensional view of the landscape, which is repeatable over time and will be able to show changes in local riverine environments.

The video footage will identify many aspects of riverine condition including basic water quality, streambank erosion and sedimentation, river rehabilitation works, barriers to fish passage, invasive weeds and stock access and damage.

This aerial mapping is one component of a much larger project to monitor the health of our riverine ecosystems. A vegetation mapping project is also underway with the Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) and will provide information on the location, extent and quality of native riparian vegetation. (A riparian area is an area which adjoins or directly influences a body of water).

The Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA has used previously conducted reports to identify reaches of rivers and creeks that have high conservation value and high potential for recovery in response to rehabilitation works, as the sites for the aerial video mapping.

Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA General Manger, Lisa Roberts, is very positive about the benefits of the project. “The river system is the lifeblood of our region – for both agriculture and the community. We are always working to build our natural resource knowledge and skills so that we can share them with landholders and the community to help them find that balance between sustainability and productivity,” Lisa Roberts said.

For natural resource management advice and information, please contact the Border Rivers-Gwydir CMA in Inverell on 02 6728 8020 or Moree on 02 6757 2550.