Local woman at the helm of Bingara Preschool

February 26, 2019

A woman who was educated at Bingara Preschool, Bingara Central School and Warialda High School has been appointed the Director of the Preschool she attended.

Charmaine Reading is excited to be working with Bingara’s youngsters. “I feel grateful to be offered the position and it is lovely to be home in this beautiful community,” she said. “I love Bingara and love that my children get to grow up here as well.”

Charmaine is assisted at the preschool by staff members, Fiona Rattray, Sue Pereira and new staff member, Joanne Coss. “I feel that we have a really lovely team and preschool, it is an honour to have these three working with me, I feel 2019 will be a fabulous year,” Charmaine said.

Bingara Preschool Director, Charmaine Reading with staff Sue Pereira, Fiona Rattray and Joanne Coss.

Bingara Preschool Director, Charmaine Reading with staff Sue Pereira, Fiona Rattray and Joanne Coss.

The Bingara Preschool is open for four days per week, the other day being for administration. There are 27 children enrolled, and Charmaine and her staff can cater for 20 students each day. After leaving Warialda High School, Charmaine attended UNE at Armidale for one year before returning to Bingara, where she worked as a teacher’s aid at St. Mary’s school for three years.

A nine-year stint at the gold Coast saw Charmaine working in a preschool and long day care centre. She then moved to Moree where she was the Family Day Care Service Manager for seven years. All that time, Charmaine also taught Children’s Services at TAFE, a position she still holds, to fill in if needed.

After the birth of her second daughter, Lani, Charmaine took the positive option to stay home and be a family day care educator.

“Our plan (for Bingara Preschool) is to have a really good team behind me,” Charmaine said. “Our team vision is for play to be a most important way of learning, stay connected and immersed in community. “If children feel they belong in community they then feel comfortable and will learn.

“We are here to tie those pieces together. If children develop strong friendships, be comfortable and connected to the community, we have done our job. “At Bingara Preschool, we teach sustainable practices, care for environment, and the students can see how things grow and live,” Charmaine concluded.