Local women benefit from women’s health day

July 23, 2008

The “Learn the facts… not the gossip” women’s health day, held last Thursday and hosted by the Double B Beef group, provided a wealth of information for the 50 mature aged women who attended.

Community Health Clinical Nurse Consultant, Jenny Bath, who is based in Tamworth, provided the gathering with a great deal of pertinent information. One of the points she made was that although there are many “natural” medicines on the market, they can have serious side effects which should not be underestimated. Jenny talked about some of the products available, with warnings about a few. One of the points Jenny made was that if the symptoms of menopause are not too distressing, it is probably better not to take any medication. If life becomes too unpleasant, then Jenny suggested trying the natural remedies before moving on to prescribed medicines.

Menopause can be brief or extremely prolonged. One lady present said she had been experiencing the symptoms for 15 years. This came as quite a shock to some of those present who had not yet reached the “change of life”! The advice from Jenny was that no menopause medication should be taken for more than five years.

Jenny’s address was followed by Lorraine Dickson’s, who is also a Clinical Nurse Consultant based in Tamworth, working in the field of continence. A subject which is generally not talked about, incontinence is an extremely common problem, which in many cases can be successfully overcome with the assistance of a professional. Lorraine can be contacted directly for a consultation.

Janine MacDonald, who is a naturopath from Inverell, talked about some of the treatments she recommends for the symptoms of menopause, with the added message that maintaining a diet dominated by unprocessed foods, organic if possible, is a good path to take. Psychologist Carrie Thomson-Casey, who regularly visits Bingara gave a brief address focussing on maintaining happiness and the importance of taking time to focus on oneself.

Two websites were recommended for more information on women’s health. They were The Jean Hailes Foundation for women’s health site, www.jeanhailes.org.au and the Australasian Menopause Society site, www.menopause.org.au.

Gwydir Shire Council supported the day, along with the Barwon Division of General Practice, Hunter/New England Health and the YWCA. Friends of Touriandi provided a delicious lunch for those who attended.