Locally-produced 3D printed masks delivered to Bingara MPS

April 24, 2020

Something special happened this week at Bingara MPS. Local science teacher from Bingara Central School has been busy in his isolated holidays creating custom made personal protective equipment (PPE) for local medical staff.

Betty Parsons, with one of the new 3D printed masks.

Driven by MPS nurse, Elizabeth Kakoschke, Mr Scot Crispin turned his mind to design and created the ultimate in face shields utilising a design he chose, inspired by ideas on the internet and with nothing but a printer and plastic filament.

Elizabeth Kakoschke told The Gwydir News how the idea came about. “I saw a Facebook post from a doctor in Tamworth wanting the help of someone with a 3D printer. I saw they had received some help from the Tamworth Library,” she said. “I thought perhaps Scot could help us, so I contacted him. He said, ‘no worries’.”

“People have been printing them all over the world and sharing their designs on 3D-printing design Facebook pages,” said Scott. “I chose the design that I could print more of at a time.”

The process is a time consuming one, taking around 20 hours to print 6 masks and a further 6 hours for parts to complete the fabrication.

“We have about twenty here and we can‘t be more thankful,” said MPS health service manager, Sue Mack, of the face shields. “Accessing PPE isn’t easy at the moment and these are perfect.  Elizabeth was concerned about the safety of the staff, as she has always been.”

“Scot has donated these and that is so very, very generous of him. We are very excited to have the extra resource,” said Sue.  “I have received calls from other managers from all over the place wanting to know about them. They have been very well received.”