Major film project to feature at the Bingara Roxy

November 24, 2008

The New England North West has been fortunate to attract a major Australian film project, with Bingara’s Roxy Theatre to be used to film a scene.  Charlie and Boots, starring Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) and Shane Jacobson (Kenny), will begin filming in the region this month.

"Tamworth and Bingara feature as locations in this film – 160 local extras will also feature," said Jack Ritchie, Regional Arts Development Officer at Arts North West.  "The benefits to the region from projects like this are considerable. There are direct benefits to the economy during production as local businesses are tapped. Then there are indirect economic and tourism benefits that come later – after people have seen the film and catch a glimpse of the region’s unique qualities."

Tamworth Regional Council through Tamworth Tourism and Gwydir Shire Council through the Roxy Theatre, have played a major role in attracting this project to the region and are liaising with the producers in the hope of maximising the outcomes that Charlie and Boots will generate for local communities.

Arts North West and the Northern Inland Regional Development Board, the organisations involved in establishing Film New England North West, are delighted to see this project in the region.

Film NENW is the first contact point for filming in the region. It was designed to encourage and cultivate the growth of the film and television industry in the region, boost the economy through an increase in film related projects and raise the region’s profile by increasing tourism.

"The New England North West has already featured in several film and television productions including the international production Superman Returns, and Ivan Sen’s award-winning Australian film, Beneath Clouds," Mr Ritchie said.

"We expect that the release of films such as Australia by Baz Luhrmann and Charlie and Boots will provide a boost in the Australian film industry that will also benefit this region."