Minor League

March 21, 2011

Sign on day for Minor League was promising however they are still short a few players in the under 8s, under 10s and under 14s.

A good attendance was had March 10, when Peter Stevens was here for a skills session at Gwydir Oval.

Despite the fact there are not enough players for the season, the committee have decided to start training anyway, in the hope that this might entice children to come along and join in and sign on for the 2011 season.

Training will start Tuesday, March 15 at the Gwydir Oval at 4pm followed by a game on the Friday at 4pm, with age groups playing against each other. This will carry on for the next few weeks. Hopefully then there will be enough players to start the season.

The children that have already signed on the play are very keen and the committee would love to see them play.

So if your kids are interested in Minor League, they are very welcome to come along and attend the training days, for a taste of the game.