Missiles enthusiastic at first match

April 9, 2008

After only a few short weeks of learning the game and training together, the Bingara Missiles travelled to Warialda for their first OzTag match. What the girls lacked in experience of the game, they more than made up for with enthusiasm.

Warialda scored two quick tries early in the match. The Missiles, definitely not disheartened by this, lifted with brilliant efforts in both attack and defence by youngsters Cindy Atkins, Kiarnah Walton, Kirsty Coombes, Kelly Welsh and Jane O’Brien. The Missiles evened the score and showed Warialda that this was not going to be an easy game.

Warialda again opened the scoring with some quick tries soon after the half time break. This gave them a lead of 10-6. The Missiles again dug deep and impressive efforts by Tina Arvella, Mandy Alley, Jessica Heal, Rebecca Wilkins and Sarah-Grace Walton helped to level the score close to full time.

Despite great defence by the girls, Warialda scored right on full time which made the final score 12-10 to Warialda. The girls and supporters were thrilled by the way they played especially as they played a team that usually plays together. The Missiles definitely showed the Warialda girls and the crowd that, with more training and experience, they are definitely going to be a team to beat in this competition.