Monster catch at Copeton

July 31, 2020

A monster Murray Cod was on the reel of Tyrone Edmonds early last week. A long-time regular at Copeton Dam, Tyrone was fishing with friends Scott Purnell and Richard John from Newcastle when he landed the fish.

Tyrone says this one, coming in at over 125cm, is one of the biggest Murray Cods he has caught using lures at the dam and one of his three biggest overall. This one was hooked on a Jackall Gantia, a swimbait lure which is segmented and designed for large catches.

This particular fish was just one of a few good catches throughout the week, with another 103cm Murray Cod also caught by the group. Based in Inverell, Tyrone fishes the dam several times a week with conditions being good for fishing at the moment, despite the notable number of people out there having a go.

Photo taken by Scott Purnell. Tyrone Edmonds with his giant Murray Cod caught at Copeton Dam.