National partnerships and trade training centres

November 28, 2009

This week is a busy week with intense planning underway for these two Australian Government components of the Building the Education Revolution.

The National Partnerships funding will see Bingara Central School benefit by approximately $100,000 per semester for the next four years. This money is to allow the school flexibility in staffing, systems and resources targeted to improve student outcomes.  The school will focus on intensive intervention programs to assist students to reach benchmarks and to assist teachers to develop their skills.

There will be increased assessment and reporting to show student improvement.
The Trade Training Centre, which has received provisional approval, will provide facilities to teach to Certificate III level in Hospitality and Primary Industries and towards Certificate II in Automotive.

Our planning now, which involves all parties of the Gwydir Learning Region, is to take the concept beyond the provisional outline in the original application and to develop the plans into a ‘concrete’proposal.

This work is very time consuming and must be completed within a short time frame. However it will all be worth the effort when students are benefitting from this injection of funds into the Gwydir Learning Region.

Mark Vale,