Needles fly to create woolly wonderlands of friendship

June 21, 2012

The Bingara library has become a special place for many through the positive direction of librarian, Gail Phillpott. The library isn’t a quiet and staid place; it is busy, vibrant and sometimes even messy.

After school the library is inundated with kids on computers, participating in one of the many activity/bookclub programs, and receiving assistance with homework help. Amidst all of this fun, learning and mayhem there is a real network of friendship.

Bingara Knitters[Right: This group of knitters, led by Nancy MacInnes at left, in action at the Bingara Library.]

As a Friend of the library Nancy MacInnes is keen to bring more people into the library circle and to build more special links. I had the pleasure of chatting with Nancy MacInnes on Friday morning about the different library groups she is involved in. The first is the Library Knitting Group. All are welcome to come along each Friday between 10am and noon to have a piece of cake, cup of tea and knit, or learn to knit.

Bingara Knitters[Right: Bingara HACC Ladies Group have also been very busy knitting colourful squares which have been made into blankets. One of the blankets has a label which reads “This blanket was made by the Bingara H.A.C.C. Ladies Group. We hope it keeps you warm”.]

The group is taking part in the ‘Wrapped with Love’ project, knitting squares which are then combined to make warm blankets for those in need, in Australia and overseas countries like Mongolia. This group will also informally meet and greet new senior residents on the last Friday of each month at 10am.

Nancy said, “when you move to a new town it is easier to meet people if you play sport or have children, for older people is can be quite isolating. Our group wants to meet these new residents and help them feel at home right away. They can call in and have a cup of tea and meet new friends. We will give them a tube tree to plant so they can settle in and put roots down in our beautiful town”.

Nancy will also host a ‘Fireside Readers Club’. Those who love a great novel can immerse themselves and enjoy sharing the story with friends. A meeting will be held on July 13 at 10am to discuss best days and times for book club get together. Interested people who are unable to attend on July 13 can register their interest at the library prior to the meeting.

And yet there is more happening at the Library. Friends of the library will assist Nancy to teach younger people how to knit. The Nifty Knitters Club will be hosted after school on Fridays. Young people can also help others when learning to knit through the ‘Wrapped with Love’ project. If anyone has any 8 ply wool and, or, No. 8 knitting needles which they would like to donate please drop them into the library for use with the blanket making.