Neighbour day

March 9, 2009

In February we witnessed the power of nature when frightening infernos raced across regional Victoria. In northern NSW and North Queensland parched paddocks became raging torrents as flood levels rose. From amidst the overwhelming tragedy of the people who lost their lives in the bushfires came evidence and stories of neigh-bours who valiantly fought danger.

Representing a host of agencies from Australian Red Cross to the SES and the CWA these trained women and men provided vital support to the evacuees and victims as well as to the police, the ambos and the heroic volunteer firefighters. These are everyday people who are our neighbours.

That’s why the message for Neighbour Day on Sunday March 29 is ‘Celebrate Your Community’. It’s the day to say thanks for collecting the mail, feeding the cat, taking the kids to school and for being there when I needed you. Thankfully disasters don’t happen every day but luckily neighbours are always willing to help when they do.

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Andrew Heslop
Founder – Neighbour Day