New alcohol policy for Group 19

May 20, 2009

The Bingara Bullets along with all Group 19 Clubs and the Police have adopted a new alcohol policy for 2009. All Clubs are committed to a safe family environment for everyone at their games and to make this happen some changes needed to be made. While no one can remember any unsocial incident at Gwydir Oval, never-the-less the idea is about prevention not reaction.

With this policy in mind, the Bullets’ Committee have embraced the changes and are asking all supporters to cooperate. The principle changes at all grounds are:

  • Designated bar areas
  • Only mid/low strength alcohol of less than 3.5% served
  • Plastic cups
  • Accredited staff
  • No glass containers or cans
  • Ground marshals and Ground Controllers
  • Taking of alcohol into the ground is prohibited

The Bullets are complying with all aspects of the new Policy and will be displaying the appropriate Group 19 signage at each entry point.