New Bingara website launched

September 8, 2016

The new Bingara website was launched today at the “Wider Gwydir” pop up shop in Peter’s cafe.  In attendance were several of the candidates standing at this week end’s council elections.

Vice president of  Vision 2020 told those present that this was in fact the third Bingara website.  The first was officially launched in May of 2007 and was a collaborative effort between VISION 2020 and Gwydir Shire.  The second site was moreso a facelift for the aging site, whereas the new one is a complete rebuild to accommodate changing technology and user expectations.

The Responsive web design, allows desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the device being used.  It provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading, and accessible navigation on mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers.

Georgina Sinclair, website manger said a strong feature of the new site is the image galleries.  More than a 1000 photos, so far, have been uploaded and placed into galleries on most pages, for ease of access.  If a picture paints a thousand words, the new site is positively chatty.

Archived news items have been retained because they ‘tell the story of Bingara’ over the past, near decade.

Garry said the aim of the site in the first instance was to be “the best website in country Australia” and the goal was twofold: a ‘window into Bingara’ for those from beyond, and a tool for keeping the district’s local residents informed.  Safe to say, the goal was achieved.

Garry reiterated that that a strong website is still a vital component for the success of a town.