New exhibition at Ceramic Break Park

September 3, 2020

In spite of the challenges this year has thrown at everyone we will host an exhibition at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on the Bingara Road on Saturday Sept 5th. Our gates will open at 12 noon and we welcome you to view ‘Rebound’ by Nadia Kliendanze, ‘Works Through Time’ by Andrea Faiers and ‘Various Works’ by Maree Connolly.

These three talented visual artists will enlighten, enliven and bring enjoyment to us all in these darker times.

Nadia Kleindanze has exhibited at Ceramic Break Sculpture Park before and her current show, ‘Rebound’ is a collection of cross disciplinary works. The pieces are predominantly acrylic on linen or canvas with a delightful range of subject matter; her interpretations of international cities, her unusual viewpoint of streetscapes and her visual commentary on the old fashioned local high street. Nadia admits she has an obsession with trees and she has used oil on canvas to explore local flora, Waratah, Banksia and others and the patterns created by particular placement of the leaves of Yellow Box, Eucalyptus Rosea and more. Her choice of colour, shapes and design highlights the beauty of these small examples of the trees in our landscape. Nadia initially worked in the printmaking medium which is evident in the complexity of her canvasses. Well worth close attention.

‘Works Through Time’ is the newest exhibition for Andrea Faiers from Inverell at Ceramic Break. Andrea has been involved in art for over 40 years and she is continually exploring new ideas, new styles and diff erent colour palettes. ‘Art breaks barriers, forms bonds and gives freedom of expression’ and this is evident in her show. When the subject matter is intense the colours fi t the mood and do not overwhelm the portrayal. Some works are light hearted; the delightful physical combination of man and cello in ‘Love Song’ and the girl, ready to fl y, looking for something in ‘It’s Out There’. Some are more subdued; the judicious use of light and shade enhances the pathos in the piece ‘Vulnerability’ and the intensity of colour emphasizes the sadness in ‘Truth and Lies’. Andrea’s fresh interpretations of traditional landscapes are worth examining.

‘Various Works’ by Maree Connolly is not only her first show at Ceramic Break, but it is her very fi rst exhibition. Although she has been painting only since 2015 it is evident that she has developed a style and passion for her art and an enthusiasm for extending the range of her mediums; acrylic on canvas, pencil on paper and charcoal on card have each been chosen for their particular subject. In the work, ‘Fire Season’ Maree uses a combination of acrylic and pastel on paper to enhance the depiction of the eeriness of a bushfi re while in ‘Fire Fight’ her use of acrylic on canvas emphasizes more the fi re’s ferocity. A calmer work ‘Daiseys’ combines the humble daisy in a blue vase drawing attention to itself with a quirky spelling.

So, come to Ceramic Break Sculpture Park on Saturday 5th September for fun, exercise and Art. Entry is by a gold coin donation. We will strictly follow COVID19 protocols, sanitizers will be readily available and social distancing will limit the number of visitors allowed into a gallery at any one time.