New friends

October 23, 2008

I would like to thank publicly the initiators, the planners, the workers, and the friendly citizens from the Bingara community and from across Gwydir Shire, for their efforts in making the CMCA 23rd Rally such a success story.

To David and Lynn Rose and daughter Rebecca go my special congratulations for their vision and their persistence in this endeavour.

To GSC Councillors, Management and Staff for accepting the challenge to see Bingara’s population nearly treble for the week, well done.

To the volunteers, entertainers and supporters, of all ages, from our community, you have done your community proud.

To David and Lynn Fricke, the CMCA Co-ordinators, who have lived with us for much of the last twelve months, thank you for being our friends and for bringing your friends to stay with us.

To my fellow retailers, and the staff of Bingara businesses, go my hearty congratulations.

I am sure that those who took the time to plan and prepare, and recognise the opportunity, not just to boost trade, but to make visitors welcome and wave our community flag, you have "invested" into our community’s future in ways that we can only imagine.

There were lessons to be had from this experience. Some things could be done even better, but from my observations, both at the Rally and in the mainstreet, our visitors greatly enjoyed their stay, and many will come back.

Bingara IS a dynamic town. We must continue to "dream" of what our future can be, and be prepared to accept challenges like this to maintain our status of being one of Australia’s "real gems".

Rick Hutton
Manager / Director
Fay’s of Bingara