New industrial and housing land soon to become available in Bingara

August 14, 2009

Council intends purchasing the land from the Crown via private treaty, utilising $100,000 of available loan funds. The money will be recouped when the land is sold. 

The $100,000 has been redirected from funds that had been earmarked to purchase cabins for the Warialda Caravan Park. The issue was discussed at the last meeting of council on July 30.  Councillors questioned how they could encourage the building of houses of an acceptable standard within a short period after sale.

Councillor King asked whether it was possible to put covenants on the title for development with particular regard to residential blocks. “We don’t want a caravan or a shed on a residential block. It has to be a building, not a “humpie” he said.

Councillor Caskey suggested that Council could consider offering a financial incentive to people who build on land within a certain time frame, perhaps offering a small percentage refund on the cost of the land.  General Manager, Max Eastcott said this was a possibility, adding that the intention is to make blocks “very affordable” as Council is not out to make big profits on the sale of the land.

Cr Coulton said the land development was “a step in the right direction” in developing the shire and maintaining our council. “Perhaps further down the track we can develop residential blocks in Warialda as well,” he said.

Council considered it important to use the funds to purchase the land and then redirect the funds when the money is recouped from the sale of the housing blocks.The residential blocks potentially total 36, if all the subdivisions are undertaken.

There are eight blocks at the southern end of Riddell St, ten in Moore St, eighteen in the block between Dinoga and Ridley Sts, bounded by Heber and Martyn Streets.The new industrial blocks are adjacent to the Bingara saleyards,at the bottom of All Nations Hill.