New leadership at the NW Theatre Company to take them into 2021

December 18, 2020

At the Annual General Meeting of the North West Theatre Company (NWTC) held last week, the outgoing President, Rick Hutton gave his report on what was a very disruptive and relatively quiet year for the company.

“We started the year full of hope and expectation. With just a short preparation we staged “Louisiana Ladies”, a radio play cut down version of ‘Steel Magnolias’. Then COVID arrived.  We had some play readings, thanks to Lee Loudon, but virtually all prospects of a grand rebound from 2019, had to be forgotten.”

Rick said, and then added, “As Australia showed that we can live with a virus, the NWTC took up the challenge to be among the first theatre companies to bounce back and get onto the stage.

We did this with Josephine Carter’s clever one act play, ‘Shadows’ staged in November. “Shadows” was a collaborative show plus dinner with the Bingara Lions Club. Despite the restrictions on audience numbers, it was considered to be a very successful, and a quality show, with a wonderful meal and good audience numbers.

Rick announced in his report that after many years in the role he would be stepping down as President. The election of officers for 2021 saw Tanya Heaton elected unanimously as President. Lee Loudon remains as Vice President, and Carmen Southwell takes over from Tanya as the company’s Secretary. Susan Hutton stays on as Treasurer, Ros Moulton is Public Officer, Rick Hutton is Publicity Officer, and Robyn Phillips and Frances Bilsborough make up the Committee.

Incoming President Tanya Heaton said, “I would like to thank everyone for their encouragement and support in my decision to take on the role as President of the North West Theatre Company for the coming year. Thank you to Rick and the other members of the 2020 Executive Committee, for all your time and hard work, particularly under such difficult circumstances. I look forward to working with the new Committee and all members of the Company over the coming year to collaborate on projects that bring joy to others.”

Both the NWTC and its subsidiary the Film Club had profitable years and the company is well positioned to launch into the new year.

Projects on the horizon for 2021 include an adaptation of ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens and look out for some more One Act Plays with a dinner offer.

The NWTC is always on the lookout for new members whether they be on the stage or behind the scenes. Watch out for news of their first meeting in 2021 due to be held on Wednesday February 3 at 6pm at The Imperial Hotel.