New residents move into Touriandi

September 14, 2009

Touriandi staff have welcomed a number of new residents into the facility during the past couple of weeks.  Six permanent residents and two residents on respite currently occupy the new Willow Wing.  All have been delighted with the facility. Each new resident has very quickly settled into  The Lodge and given their room an individual touch with the addition of their furnishings and personal effects.

Some very positive comments have been made by a number of visitors who have been to see the new wing. It is clear that many believe that Bingara can be justly proud of this modern facility.

Kevin Hansen, the Chairman of the Touriandi Board, said this week, “There is still some accommodation available at Touriandi.” “Anyone who is interested in taking up residence at The Lodge should contact Anne Withers as soon as possible.” “People regularly ask me about the Accommodation Bond. It is possible for some people to move into Touriandi without paying any bond at all. This is because entry is means tested.  Centrelink determines whether a person pays a bond.

The Board has, however, placed an upper limit on the amount which would normally be paid. There are, of course, circumstances in which for personal reasons a prospective resident may wish to pay a larger amount. The Board can certainly accommodate this.” “We welcome applications from both those who are non-bond payers as well as bond payers. There is room for both and the care which they receive is exactly the same,” he said.