News from the Bingara Anglers’ Club

January 24, 2011

Anglers’ gear up for a cracker of  a fishing season
First of all I would like to wish every one a happy new year.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, January 27 at the Sportsmans Hotel at 7pm.

The monthly campout will be held at the pump house site, January 29 and 30. So come down and have a fish or just a beer and barbecue.

It’s a great swimming spot so bring you togs “please”.

The fish have definitely been biting, two weeks ago, Bradley Craddock, Shane Hancock and Mark Trindall caught 25 cod, and four yellow belly in a days outing. These were all released.

The boys covered a fair bit of river but what a good catch.

Just one week ago I went out with Bradley and his father Mark, we hadn’t gone far up the river when we found a likely spot.

Mark threw a lure to the left of the boat while Brad threw one to the right.
Next minute Mark yells, “I’m on, get the net!’  Then Brad yelled, “I can’t I’m on too!”

At this stage I’m in the front of the boat wrestling with a 750ml tallie, thinking this would probably be a good time to throw a line in.  It’s really great to see the fish bite like this and hear of these great catch numbers.

We are also planning a carp muster real soon in conjunction with Gwydir Landcare, so watch this space.

Good luck and good fishin’

Stuart Lanagan
President, Bingara Anglers Club