No more rego stickers

January 11, 2013

A Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) spokesperson has announced registration stickers are no longer being sent out with registration renewals.

“The change means registration stickers will no longer need to be displayed on light vehicles including motorcycles and trailers up to 4.5 tonnes from 1 January 2013,” the spokesperson said.

“Customers will continue to receive registration renewal notices but from next year (2013) will no longer be inconvenienced by having to remove the old sticker and display the new one.

“RMS customers whose registration is due on 1 January or after will soon receive a flyer in their registration renewal reminding them a registration sticker is no longer needed.
“Customers will notice there is no sticker in their registration renewal reminder.

Further information on the change will be available on the reminder notice to help the community adjust seamlessly.

“The retirement of registration stickers will simplify the registration process for customers, significantly reduce costs for fleet operators and car rental companies and provide savings to the NSW Government and the community of about $575,000 per year.

“There is also the environmental benefit of reduced wastage of registration sticker stocks."