North West Film Festival ten years on and bigger than ever

September 18, 2013

The North West Film Festival has celebrated its tenth year with a record crowd.  Friday was a huge day at the festival with over 200 children from schools throughout the New England and North West participating in workshops at the Roxy presented by guest judges.

The evening awards kicked off with a family barbecue in the Maitland Street pocket park and entertainment by local band “Shroom and the Hitch”, as well as an energetic and electrifying performance by local hip hop act “MC Dukebox”.

The crowd at the awards night filled the Roxy with more chairs brought in to accommodate the large numbers, indicating that ten years on the North West Film Festival is alive and well.

Friday the 13th Zombie and festival Director Stephanie Marshall.

[Photo: Friday the 13th Zombie and festival Director Stephanie Marshall.]

The festival continued on Saturday with a great range of community workshops and a special screening of “Rabbit Proof Fence” followed by a Q&A session with one of the film’s producers John Winter, and Mark Lazarus who was also involved in the making of the film. This discussion provided great insight into the making of the film and was enjoyed by all.

Over the course of the weekend, guest judges Jason Van Genderen and Shane Emmett shot and edited a 12 minute film about the festival and its importance to young people in the region; the documentary was the last film to screen at the festival and was a touching and poignant finish to what was a spectacular festival.

Jason and Shane’s movie will be available for viewing on the North West Film Festival website in the coming week.

Over 80 entries for the film festival were received including those for the Community Mutual MAD at Heart competition, making this year’s festival one of the largest in the festival’s ten year history.

Festival organisers are looking forward to another successful year in 2014 and encourage everyone in the community to dust off their cameras and start story boarding in preparation for the 2014 North West Film Festival.