The North West Theatre Company elects a new Board for 2018.

December 1, 2017

The North West Theatre Company (NWTC) based in Bingara has elected its Board for 2018 at the AGM held on November 30.

The new President is Rick Hutton, Vice President Henry Martin, Secretary Tanya Heaton, Treasurer Susan Hutton, Publicity Jenny Mead and the other Executive members are Lee Loudon and Sally Olive. The non-executive Public Officer is Ros Moulton. Ros and Martin Hansford were re-elected as Patrons of the company.

In his final President’s Report after nine years in the seat, John Wearne was pleased to reflect on another good year for the company. “Highlighted I think by the diverse range of activities with which we are currently associated,” he said.

The 39 Steps“The highpoint of 2017 was undoubtedly ‘The 39 Steps’ – arguably the most challenging production the company has been involved with,” John said. “Thirty nine characters were played by only 8 actors, and Peter Caddey, Tanya Heaton, Rick Hutton, Lee Loudon, Sally Olive, Stu Devlin, Kerry-Anne Thomas and Henry Martin had a rollicking time of it. I mention Henry last because, let’s face it, who could ever forget his death scene….? I should also mention Martin Hansford, who, as Technical Director, really had his hands full with all the sound and lighting changes.”

John also gave mention and credit to the recent NWTC hosting of two one act plays from the Inverell Theatre Company, and to the regular organising of play readings by Lee Loudon.

He reported on the growing success of the Film Club as a subsidiary of the NWTC and gave a heads up for a very exciting program planned for 2018.

John thanked the outgoing executive for their work and support through 2017.

A General Meeting of the NWTC has been set for Wednesday, December 6 at 6pm at The Imperial Hotel, Bingara. Here is a chance for interested members of the public to come along. Perhaps you have ideas for the NWTC to consider or you would like to be involved in some aspect of theatre be it in front of or behind the curtains.

If you can’t make it to the General Meeting, and would like to provide some input, please contact the President Rick Hutton on 0428 255 380, or any of the Board members.

Merry Christmas from the North West Theatre Company and all the best for 2018