North West Theatre Company puts the ball in your Court

November 1, 2016

It is many years since Bingara has had a Court of Petty Sessions operating – the Court House that used to pass judgement on the misdemeanors of local people is now the town’s library and Centrelink Agency, and the only things remaining there that could be called “legal” are the John Grisham courtroom novels that Librarian Gail Philpott lends to readers.

All that is about to change! Over four performances in November, North West Theatre Company is reinstating a Court Room at the Roxy Theatre to hear the case against William Hughes, who is charged with larceny by a vague and airheaded television hostess named Clarissa Townley. Hughes, played by Saul Standerwick and Clarissa, played by Wendy Wearne, are two very interesting characters. Add Prosecution Attorney Mrs Slater (Lee Loudon) and Defense Barrister Ms. Drexel (Linda McDouall), who vigorously grill no less than eight witnesses, and you have an intriguing legal question-mark. Presiding over all this is Judge Vance (Max Eastcott), who wields the gavel frequently as the two sides wrestle to gain ascendency.

Did Bill do it? Well, each of the four performances will decide. And the audience is actually the courtroom attendance, so they will be a part of all the action. How…. well we have to keep SOME secrets! Participative theatre – think of “Dimboola”- can provide much fun.

The cast of 15 is busily rehearsing under the direction of Christine Fry. Chris is making her directional debut after acting roles in recent Theatre Company productions such as “The Curious Savage” and “Murdered to Death”. Also in the cast are Tanya Heaton, Rebekah Turner, Sally Olive, Judy Adams, John Wearne, Frances Bilsborough, Henry Martin, Robyn Phillips and Gail List. Attempting to bring some order to all this, Narrator and Court Clerk Rick Hutton has a particularly important part to play.

Sound and lighting guru Martin Hansford will put the finishing touches on the production as no one else can.

“You, the Jury” is a one-act play that runs slightly more than an hour. With the accused either convicted and led away in handcuffs; acquitted and back in the arms of his mother and girlfriend as a free man; or, in the case of a hung jury, further remanded to appear at a new trial, attention will turn to discussing the case over afternoon tea or supper, which is Included in the ticket price.

Afternoon tea will be served in the Roxy Café after the two matinees, and supper in the Roxy Café following the two evening performances. The afternoon tea and suppers will be catered for by four of our best local organizations – Bingara Lions Club, the local committee for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, CWA, and the Friends of Touriandi. The involvement of these organizations means that “You, the Jury” will be yet another example of the Bingara community working together.

So… that you are all wanting to see the trial, here are the details. “You, the Jury” opens on Saturday evening 12th November.

Opening night performance – Saturday November 12th @ 7.30 pm – plus supper in the Roxy Cafe following the performance.
Matinee performance – Sunday November 13th @ 2.30 pm  – plus afternoon tea in the Roxy Cafe following the performance.
Evening performance – Saturday November 19th @7.30 pm  – plus supper in the Roxy Cafe following the performance.
Matinee performance – Sunday November 20th @ 2.30 pm – plus afternoon tea in the Roxy Cafe following the performance.

$25.00 per person – ticket price includes supper in the Roxy Cafe following evening performances or afternoon tea in the Roxy Cafe following matinee performances.

The Roxy Theatre – ALLOCATED Seats ONLY

(North West Theatre Company) You the Jury – Producer: John Wearne 0418 419 684.

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